Taxinda nudges Hobson’s Pledge out of limelight

The new Labour leader’s threat of yet-to-be-specified widespread taxes has turned the general election into a close race with voters prioritising financial survival over disgust at years of race-based policy. We at Hobson’s Pledge set out...... Read More

This needs saying, just saying

The election is next weekend, as some of you may have noticed. But you can vote early, as many keen electors have opted to do. The Electoral Commission and some parties are very keen for a big turnout, but here at RR some of us are not so sure it’s...... Read More

What's your sun care philosophy?

It is absolutely essential to up our game in terms of sun protection at this time of year. UV exposure is such a killer for healthy skin and if we are not vigilant about wearing a good quality sunscreen, the sun will quickly undermine the benefits...... Read More

Crack a smile

“A smile is the lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head and the heating system of the heart.” – Unknown The idea that a smile can do so much with so little effort is a wonderful incentive to smile more, reminding...... Read More

Do I need a nutritional supplement? (Part 2)

Most people take B vitamins for stress or energy. While B vitamins don’t reduce stress, they are actively involved in making the energy we need.   B vitamins are coenzymes and act a little like a spark plug in a car; they ignite combustion...... Read More

Volunteer coordinator could be of assistance

In today's world of dwindling volunteer hours, recruitment and retention are vital and require a well-managed process overseeing all aspects of a volunteer’s journey through an organisation. In fact, the role frequently falls on the manager...... Read More

Do I need a nutritional supplement? (Part 1)

It is not hard to motivate someone in pain to do things that will relieve pain. It is harder to motivate healthy people to adopt measures that will keep them healthy. Over the next few weeks we are going to look at the benefits of nutritional supplements....... Read More

Grateful for the new

“There is no freedom like seeing myself as I am and not losing heart.” – Elizabeth J Canham. When I find an inner curtain opening to reveal yet another shortcoming in myself, I may start by feeling a little despondent, however then...... Read More

Houses of Parliament

As you may have heard, there’s an election about to happen and much of the news has been dominated with some fairly heavy politics. Involving large sums of money, housing issues, even larger sums of money, and enormous sums of money. Your money. Here...... Read More

Lamb shanks to melt in your mouth

Having lived on the west coast of Scotland for many years I came to the conclusion that the best lamb needed to come from the hills and mountains, eat sweet grass and suffer lots of rain. The same is true here, especially if we throw in good breeding...... Read More

Why you should be worried about interest rates

If you’ve bought your first home in the past decade or so, you could be forgiven for thinking that the interest rates you’re enjoying now are about where they will always be. Hannah McQueen, founder of enableMe, has the following advice: There...... Read More

Dental x-rays - what's below the gumline?

Pets can't tell us when their mouths are sore and most never show signs of toothache. Veterinary examination is a great start in assessing dental health, but only dental x-ray can show what’s happening below the gumline. Pet x-rays are...... Read More

Slathering yourself in sunscreen on sunny days

As we are approaching warmer days we get all enthused to get outside, into the garden, for a walk, or to the beach. What we also do is start applying sunscreen on hot, sunny days. A good sun protection should include three main ingredients to give...... Read More

Looking after pets teeth at home

Dental care is important for our pets as it reduces tartar and plaque build-up, gingivitis and dental disease. By taking care of their teeth at home we reduce the need of our pets to have frequent dental scale and polishes. What is plaque, tarter and...... Read More

A termite walks into a bar

For Father’s Day this week we have decided to give Brian Rogers the day off. He’s a dad and he deserves it. We don’t know why he specifically deserves it, but there’s probably a few good reasons. He’s no doubt told some...... Read More

Sunspots and the Maunder Minimum

The ‘Maunder Minimum' is the name given to the period from 1645 to 1715 when the number of sunspots – ‘storms' on the sun – became almost zero. The period is named after the solar astronomer Edward Walter Maunder (1851-1928),...... Read More

Be prepared when the hammer falls

You’ve found the house of your dreams, it’s auction day and the excitement is mounting – but are you ready for the hammer to fall? In a seller’s market, property is often sold via auctions. However, it is easy to be caught out...... Read More

A lifestyle, not a boot camp or course

Looking after yourself is not something that you can do in just a few weeks. Most of you know we run 12-week lifestyle change programmes. They are fantastic because people get to spend a good amount of time thinking about themselves and learning about...... Read More

Pushing to the edge of your comfort zone

“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” – Robert Allen. The most empowering moments you experience are often likely to occur when you feel very uncomfortable, unhappy or unfulfilled. These moments can motivate you...... Read More