Should I try taking Co Enzyme Q10 supplements? (Part 3)

Most people make all the Co enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) they need. Some however, should take extra as a supplement. CoQ10 is made in your liver from the same enzymes that make cholesterol. This is why drugs that reduce cholesterol can restrict CoQ10 by as much...... Read More

The big yeasty debate

The issue polarises families. They are one or the other. They are either Marmite or Vegemite. Like they are Protestant or Roman Catholic. They are never both. My family was Marmite. The next door neighbours were Vegemite. It defined us. But it's...... Read More

Before buying and selling a business

The thought of owning your own business and being your own boss is an attractive one for many. Buying an established business can be easier than starting out from scratch, however, it is important to take legal advice to ensure the purchase agreement,...... Read More

The low-down on eating nuts for a long, healthy life

Can eating nuts help you live longer? Research from Harvard says so. According to this Harvard study, nut eaters were 20 per cent less likely to die during the study period compared to those who did not eat nuts. The more nuts eaten, the lower the...... Read More

Police need our support

Police are crucial to ensure a safe, functioning New Zealand. We hope we’ll never need them, but we need to know they’re there, and ready to go, if we ever do. The Bay of Plenty is – like the rest of New Zealand – haemorrhaging...... Read More

Cutting nitrogen loss in winter

Winter’s a much riskier season for nitrogen leaching from urine patches on pasture to waterways. Milking cows will excrete, in urine, about 70 per cent of the nitrogen they consume. The chance of nitrogen leaching from urine patches is much higher...... Read More

Keep your Nerf gun handy, just in case

Two very disturbing stories emerged from the world of science this week. Firstly, the possible existence of an alien megastructure orbiting a mysterious star in the Milky Way. Known as Tabby's Star, or KIC 8462852, the odd pattern of light emitted...... Read More

Crown building project to build houses by the thousands

Three and a half new houses across every street in Auckland – that’s a lot of houses. This is the equivalent of the undertaking the government announced this month under the banner of its Crown Building Project. It’s a big commitment,...... Read More

Clarity needed in water discussion

A couple of myths need correction over the proposed plan change for cleaning up the Waikato and Waipa rivers, namely that the proposal seeks to “protect” intensive farming and that this idea is Waikato Regional Council’s fault. The...... Read More

Is your organisation volunteer-effective?

With volunteers becoming savvier about what they want to do and when they volunteer, it is becoming vital for organisations to keep up to date on recent trends in volunteering. These trends help organisations adapt their volunteer recruitment and retention...... Read More

Where is your market?

I would say the hottest topic for small businesses at present is ‘marketing’. I believe this is because the digital world has brought about such a dramatic change to the way we deliver our marketing that most small businesses owners are...... Read More

Dissecting the budget and what it means

By this time next week we would have heard the Finance Minister deliver his Budget speech and we will be dissecting what this means for our community. A number of announcements have already been made, and I know how beneficial these will be for people...... Read More

Real youth solutions offered

What is a country supposed to do when 6.78 per cent of its population makes up 50 per cent of its crime statistics? That 6.78 per cent in New Zealand is our young people, aged 15-19 years old. They have an unemployment rate of 24.6 per cent and this...... Read More

Three most vexing questions: Answered here today

The days are cooler and shorter and the usual seasonal arguments are flying. Mankind and womankind are debating the most vexing questions, some that have divided the human race for generations. • Who has the largest share of the duvet? •...... Read More

There is nothing scarier than a government in surplus

The series of new spending initiatives over the past few weeks are looking more and more like pork barrel election year bribes and suggest that the healthy government books are going to be squandered. The National Party’s election into government...... Read More

RIP Ian and Brian

When one reaches the seventh decade, one sees a good number who started the race of life around the same time, falling at hurdles in the home straight. In recent weeks, two good acquaintances of Sideline Sid in earlier days, have passed on. Both had...... Read More

Pirates, robbers and endangered things

One of the joys of spending a weekend with the adult children is enjoying a taste of their music preferences. However nothing could prepare me for Pirate Metal. It is quite disturbing for the delicate ears of us middle-aged, middle of the road toe-tappers. Pirate...... Read More

It’s all about having fun with flavour

What we eat is supposed to be fun and happy – not the scary and the competitive sport it is being portrayed as on our television screens. Delving into my Mediterranean food roots has reminded me that at the end of the day, it really is all about...... Read More