Taranaki oil spill cleared - council

Taranaki Regional Council is investigating the source of a diesel spill in the sea near New Plymouth yesterday. The council said the sea off Ngāmotu Beach had been cleared of diesel, and spill containment booms had been removed. Scene commander Bruce...... Read More

Toxic sea slug warning for beachgoers

A warning for dog owners to control their pets on the beach and parents to keep an eye on what their children touch on the beach. It’s that time of the year again when toxic sea slugs wash up onto the beach. Grey side-gilled sea slugs are deadly. There...... Read More

Climate change not so cool

With temperatures high around the country, Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter has launched the Ministry of Health’s new Heat Health Plan Guidelines. “Climate change is a big threat to our society, and we need to plan for anticipated...... Read More

Stoat sleuthing reveals nothing suspicious

After two weeks of intensive searching, attempts to confirm the sighting of two stoats on Aotea / Great Barrier Island are to be scaled back. The search began after a resident of the island reported seeing a pair of what was believed to be stoats...... Read More

Invasive wasps damaging the native eco-system

Conservationists say we need to reduce the number of invasive wasps in New Zealand's beech forests by about 90 percent if we want to protect the native eco-system. Invasive wasp populations boom in January and February with about 12 wasp nests...... Read More

Miners discover gold, but few celebrating

A small company wanting to extract gold from a mine on conservation land fears for the future of the industry in the face of red tape, local hostility and official indifference. New Talisman Gold Mines has spent $1.8 million over 18 months to get the...... Read More

Landslide dislodges human remains

A rahui is in place in the Maketu area after human remains were dislodged near Okurei Point. A post on the in the Te Puke Community Noticeboard Facebook page says the remains, possibly pre-Eruopean, were dislodged following a landslide and have washed...... Read More

Fire crews delayed by possible drone sighting

A reported drone sighting delayed a helicopter being sent to a fire in Coromandel this afternoon. Four fire crews and a helicopter have now extinguished the scrub fire at Hahei Beach on the East Coast. A spokesperson for Fire and Emergency said at its...... Read More