The growing digital divide

The new school year is about to begin for hundreds of thousands of kiwi kids - but some will be starting the year from well behind and with no access to the same technology that many of their classmates will have. The digital divide in Aotearoa is as...... Read More

Auckland Airport IT system problem causes flight delays

A problem with Auckland Airport's internal IT system is causing some flight delays. The airport said the problem was affecting baggage processing. People who are travelling tonight are being told to contact their airline for assistance and check...... Read More

New Zealand companies caught up in huge global data hack

Nine New Zealand websites have been compromised in a huge online data breach. More than 770 million email addresses and passwords, totalling 87 gigabytes of data, have been posted online in a hackers' forum. The technology magazine Wired said they...... Read More

Night vision goggles used in quad bike rescue

Rescuers had to use night vision goggles and a winch to reach a man who had rolled his quad bike. The Auckland rescue helicopter was called to the crash site near Taumaranui late last night. The crash happened in an area of steep terrain, which meant...... Read More

Investigation involving crypto-currency company

Police were advised late yesterday of an issue involving potential un-authorised transaction activity at the Christchurch based crypto-currency trading company Cryptopia. A significant value of crypto-currency may be involved and Police are taking...... Read More

’Juicers’ In Limelight - meet the scooter rechargers

If you happen to see a man carrying two lime scooters over his shoulders, shoving them into a car boot and driving away into the night don't be alarmed. Mark Pearce from Wellington is a registered lime juicer, a fairly new profession in New Zealand...... Read More

Papamoa music company keeps Toto’s music alive

A Papamoa music company helped keep the music alive with an urgent last minute repair job for Toto. A Summer’s Day with Toto, Dragon and Jefferson Starship saw thousands of people flock to Trustpower Baypark for the concert last night. Toto...... Read More

MBIE seeks training on managing fake online personas

A government department has hired a security firm to train staff in using fake online personas to gather intelligence and build profiles on citizens. The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment has signed a contract with Wellington based consultancy...... Read More