Less stress for your moggie on the way to the vet

By: Joerg Thamm

It is ideal to have your pets get used to carry cages before they come to the vets!

1. Leave their cage in a safe, comfortable part of your home that they already spend their time in.

Make the cage enticing by putting some blankets and a few treats in it. Keep the
cage door open and allow the cat to come and go as they please.

Once they are comfortable doing this you can move on to the next step.

2. Now's the time to get your cat used to being enclosed in their cage and short car trips.

Start by shutting the cage and carrying your cat around the house for short amounts of time, giving them lots of praise and treats afterwards. Once they are comfortable with this you can begin taking them on short car journeys, again giving them lots of praise and treats once they're home.

3. Appointment Day

Stay calm because your cat can sense your anxiety and will react to this.

Place the cat and the cage in a small room so you don't have to chase the cat. Place the cat in the cage and cover the cage with a blanket that has their scent on it.

You are now ready to head to your appointment.

Avoid feeding your cat for four hours before the appointment to reduce the chance of the cat vomiting in the car. Placing newspaper in the bottom of the cage helps to soak up any messes.

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