Believing in your inner confidence

By: Mary Parker

‘Remember that failure is an event, not a person’ – Zig Ziglar.

There are little conversations going on in our heads that we’re often not fully aware of, such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll look stupid” or “I’ll fail”. If you hear this often enough you begin to believe it, which in turn creates more of the same.  It is never true that you are a failure; that you aren’t good enough for your life. Yes, you will make mistakes – we all do – but if you continue to say these things to yourself this will always be the case. Who you are is so much more than what happens to you. You are unique and what you think doesn’t change that truth. Think about changing some of those thoughts to something like “I am unique and in control” (or a positive truth that works for you). If you can create outcomes with the lies you tell yourself, you can definitely create new opportunities with the truths you tell yourself.

Are you open to using a statement that will change your thinking and counter those
lie-based beliefs?

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