Looking out from inside the Media landscape

By: Newsie

In days gone by, the media was a well respected and necessary entitiy that kept 'the man' honest.  Known as the Fourth Estate, the daily newspaper kept citizens informed of the things they really needed to know.

Since the rise of the internet, all this has changed.

Now, media is seen as a disgusting, opinionated, propaganda machine.  Unfortunately, this image has been brought about by political alignment of main stream media outlets across the world, a raft of 'fake news' websites and a drive to keep the profits up with misleading headlines and fluffy entertainment news.

This is where Newsie wants to be different.

Since launching, we've been accused of being left wing, right wing, fake news propaganda peddlers who bow to our advertising overlords. We've been told our news is 'not news', because we don't publish the conspiracy theories some people like.  Articles that people don't agree with get us blamed for being biased.

What does this tell us?  We're doing it right.  We can't possibly be left and right wing. Nothing we've ever published is fake.  We publish all sides of 'propaganda' so our readers can make up their own minds, and we don't feed our audience with unfounded consipracies - or actual fake news.  We also can't be biased for publishing an article that presents a situation that we have no opinion of ourselves, especially when we also publish the other side of the argument, and get blamed for being biased the other way too.

So why all the hatred towards Newsie, for seemingly trying to do the right thing?  Simple. Social media.  Since the rise of social media, it is impossible for anyone in any business to do the 'right' thing. One persons right will always be another persons wrong. And that's OK.

So here are some facts about the media and Newsie. Whether you believe them or not is your choice, and that's OK too:-

1. The majority of main stream media in NZ is either Australian owned (profit driven) or Government owned/funded (subject to funding cuts/boosts, depending on the government of the day). Newsie is independently NZ owned and not funded by anyone other than its founders.

2. Several media outlets publish journalists opinions as factual news. Newsie never publishes the opinion of our journalists as news, whether they agree with the subject or not.

3. Portraying opinion based news as fact displays political leaning.  We have no alliance with any political party or corporation, we publish the good and the bad from all sides - even the little guys - and you, the reader, can make up your own mind.

4. Newsie does not have shareholders to pander to.  No one can buy influence or prevent us from publishing what we wish.  This will always be the case.

So, love us or hate us, we will continue to do what we are doing because we believe it is right and we believe that you, the reader, is more than capable of forming your own opinions without us telling you how to think.

If you just want the news, whether you agree with it or not, then Newsie is the place for you. If, however, you do need to be told how to think, then Newsie is most certainly not for you.

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