Looking after our pets the best way we can

By: Anne Shilston

We are a nation of animal lovers. A recent report confirmed 64 per cent of New Zealand households have at least one companion animal - more than anywhere in the world except the USA.

Numerous studies have shown that people’s lives are enriched intellectually, emotionally and physically by animals.

Humans form a strong bond and an emotional attachment with animals, similar to that shared with family members.

There is a socialisation period in kittens and puppies – between six and 16 weeks – that is critical to developing a strong bond. During this time the pup or kitten has trust, openness and a lack of fear which is perfect for the task of socialisation and learning.  

It’s important they are provided with many different and positive experiences.

Exposing them to a variety of people, sounds, sights and other animals in a positive environment will assist them to adapt and learn confidently.

A strong bond is the foundation for relating to your kitten and training your puppy.

A well socialised, secure pet is going to be happy, confident, well adjusted and less likely to develop fearful or aggressive behaviour.

Puppy Pre-School provides an ideal place to facilitate this. W

e help equip you with the skills and knowledge to help understand your pup, create a loving bond and ensure you have the tools to raise a well-behaved canine citizen.

To get the best start take advantage of our Kitten and Puppy Pack. Vaccinate with us and you’ll receive benefits on de-sexing, micro-chipping and food & flea treatments as well as nutrition.

Call: 0800 838 7267.

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