Simon: It is a huge privilege to lead the National Party

By: Simon Bridges

Last week I was incredibly fortunate to be elected to lead the National Party. It is a huge privilege and a great responsibility, and comes with the inheritance of the biggest and strongest political party in New Zealand.  

Our focus is on ensuring New Zealand continues to be a place with great opportunities and aspiration for everyone.

There have been many questions on how the National Party will be shaken up.  

Sure, there will be changes, but not a complete overhaul. We need to build on the progress we have made.  

We are highly energised, getting out and about talking and, of course, listening to New Zealanders. We will continue to develop positive policies for our economy  and other areas such as health, education, the environment and law and order.

The Jacinda Ardern/Winston Peters government is weak and directionless and is not doing a good job. Words are fine but actions count. More reviews and working groups won’t get us anywhere.  

There is no point saying that you support regions and small businesses while you mess with employment and immigration laws.

We deserve better than this unambitious government that is treading water. I look forward to sharing our ideas with you. We’ll present an alternative  government with a clear and positive plan for the 2020s. Watch this space.

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