Advanced skin DNA test

Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen your mother?

This is because we have genetic makeup, distinctive characteristics or the qualities of someone.

We are hearing more and more the many reasons to use DNA testing, from finding out who our ancestors might be to whom may have committed a crime or if we are prone to cancer. New uses are coming to light all the time.

We are excited to be able to offer a DNA test to help us identify the most suitable skincare ingredients and treatment modalities and work this in with the current condition of your skin, environment and any other mitigating factors.

SkinDNA takes the guesswork out of skincare usage, as it is based using science to identify what your skin may need based on your skin’s genetic makeup.

The revolutionary DNA Laboratory test examines 16 genetic markers on five categories with skin-aging; firmness and elasticity, glycation, sun damage and pigmentation, free radical damage and sensitivity and inflammation.

If you are interested in updating your skincare regime based on your DNA, book in for a skin consultation.