Winter reflections

“Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the spring and ends in the autumn is missing the best part of the whole year, for gardening begins in winter with the dream.” Josephine Neuse.

Winter can be a time for reflection, hot chocolate and clear starry nights, for reading a good book and for enjoyable conversations beside a cosy fire. 

Winter gives us the excuse for a little time out. It’s the perfect time to let our imagination explore and dream about our next steps and desires. Where summer is the time for action, winter is the time for reflecting and for allowing things to develop. 

So often we want winter to be over - we place ourselves in a holding pattern until spring comes.  However, winter’s work is to prepare us for the rejuvenation that comes with spring. So don’t miss this special time in our calendar year to reflect, for reflection is essential to life. 

Choose to move out of the holding pattern and appreciate what winter, in its own special way, has to offer.

Are you embracing the moment you are living in, or are you busy focusing only on what is to come?

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