Beautiful skin begins in the gut

Gut health is a topic that keeps crossing my path, and I have recently stopped to pay attention. Dr Michael Mosley was one of the first experts I heard on the subject. 

My interest was piqued after hearing him speak on the radio, so when I came across his book ‘The Clever Guts Diet’ in my favourite bookstore, I decided it was time to deepen my knowledge. It’s a very enlightening read.

I am fortunate to be friends with New Zealand’s leading expert on skin nutrition, Janine Tait of Bestow Beauty, and Dr Mosley’s book reinforced what I have learnt from Janine in the Bestow ‘Love Your Gut’ programme.

This is an online programme that combines gut research with holistic skincare wisdom into a practical seven-day programme, with a meal planner, gut-balancing recipes, shopping lists and wellbeing wisdom.

Both Janine Tait and Dr Mosley stress the importance of re-balancing the gut by seeding beneficial microbes (probiotics) into the gut and feeding those healthy microbe colonies with specific foods (prebiotics). 

Janine emphasises the direct connection between gut health and skin health. An imbalanced gut is often the root cause of many skin concerns such as acne, rosacea and sensitised or congested skin. Restoring gut health creates the inner environment for clear, healthy skin.

What I love about the Bestow ‘Love Your Gut’ programme is that it takes the research and translates it into practical action, with an easy-to-follow plan and recipes. I’ve even become a pro at bone broths!

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