Politics - we're all doomed

As a middle aged, white, tax-paying male, I’ve come to understand that I’m the lowest of the low in modern social commentary. Everything I say is automatically sexist, racist, homophobic or insert-other-failings-here.

Going by recent events in the US, it seems a simple accusation is enough to prove guilt now too, at least to the #MeToo movement. Therefore, I will remain in the shadows and whisper to only those that wish to listen.

I begin with politics. Here we find ourselves in a world hell bent on multiculturalism, yet our political virtue signallers are missing a very important fact that none of them have even noticed - or conveniently ignore, is probably more accurate.

What’s the point in trying to promote multiculturalism, when the real divide in society is politics. In general terms, especially in New Zealand, no matter who is in power, pretty much half of the country wanted you there, and the other half didn’t.  Multiculturalism and all it's failings are the ultimate in 'look over there' political tactics.

The social divide in New Zealand is obvious in the political scene, yet neither of our leading major parties seems capable of reforming that view. Do people simply either like or hate a certain leader? Maybe they just like the colour blue or red. Hell, our latest Prime Minister finds herself at the head of the table simply through fortunate timing and a winning smile.

There is a fairly common cycle in NZ politics. Labour led governments spend all the money and achieve nothing, National led governments spend the next 9 years trying to recover the economy, whilst achieving nothing. People get fed up of National, so vote Labour. People soon realise Labour are just as useless, vote National. Rinse and repeat.

Labour is people focussed, and as such social care and welfare is a priority. National is more economically focussed – as in, a good economy creates opportunity for people to develop themselves.

The Greens are just a threat to all society, anti-business and everything else that keeps them in a job. NZ First is really Winston First. Then there’s a smattering of lonely rich-kid rejects running some minor parties, which no one listens to.

Simply put, there’s never enough time to get things right. The solution is actually pretty simple.

You have to have a strong economy to create jobs, wealth and tax dollars. It’s only when you have a strong economy that you can afford to be socially generous. Environmental issues matter, but environment at all cost is irresponsible and dangerous. Social welfare at all cost is irresponsible and dangerous. A strong economy strengthens the dollar, lowering import costs and increasing quality of life via affordability, not just of ‘things’, but important things like medicine, food, fuel.

What we actually need is a National led economy, a Labour led social scheme and a Greens led environmental policy, but maybe without Chloe Swarbrick, because it seems money makes her feel ‘icky’, and definitely without Golriz Ghahraman, who has no idea what planet she’s even on, let alone how to protect it.

While all these parties work in opposition, the cycle will never break. While no one offers a likeable political party that offers to solve all these issues, no one else will ever take a lead.

People around the world are flocking to the right wing, because they are fed up of being second class citizens in their own countries, as the so-called refugees get all the protections and care of their governments while the humble citizens pay the price.

The moral of the story is actually a message to any and all politicians. Until you can successfully manage your own country, at very least stop making it worse by taking on the problems of others.