Being aware of what we put on our skin

With consumers, there is a shift in awareness as to what we are applying to our skin which I fully believe is important.

As a therapist, I want to deliver results, which requires super active ingredients to give stunning results to clients. 

Recently I have discovered the Juvenate range, and it delivers an amazing array of positives on all fronts.

This range certainly appeals, and has a range of benefits including being New Zealand-owned and made and vegan, with no nasty preservatives, added colourants or fragrances. It’s cruelty free and uses natural ingredient formulations for sustainability and ethical sources.

Juvenate also uses the latest super ingredients sourced worldwide, including a number of gold and silver award-winning ingredients from International Innovations Awards and backed by clinical studies

The range also boasts a range of unique serums and moisturisers packed full of active ingredients to target specific skin problems, such as pigmentation.

“Juvenate really is a new generation of skincare that ticks all the boxes for any New Zealand Salon owner who is serious about results-driven skincare,” says Juvenate GM Marie August.

“It is a company founded on a philosophy of product integrity, innovative technology and natural ingredients.”

Tranquillo Beauty Clinic is pleased to announce the launch of Juvenate, on November 14 at 5.30pm.

If you would like to know more about Juvenate, let us know and come along. Call: 07 578 1111 and RSVP by November 10.