Is your organisation volunteer-effective?

By: Theo Ursun

With volunteers becoming savvier about what they want to do and when they volunteer, it is becoming vital for organisations to keep up to date on recent trends in volunteering.

These trends help organisations adapt their volunteer recruitment and retention programmes and engage volunteers from various demographic groups. Those organisations that don’t will have a hard time retaining effective volunteer management processes.

What do organisations need to consider, when looking for volunteers?

Many people are looking for group activities, but sadly few organisations have the capacity to offer group activities. Many people come with professional skills, but not all professionals are looking for volunteer tasks that involve something that they are already doing 40 hours a week. Many organisations still want long-term commitment, but many more volunteers are looking for short-term opportunities. Many organisations only focus on what they need, but as I mentioned, many volunteers come with their own goals and reasons to volunteer.

In my opinion organisations need to give these volunteers the flexibility to initiate what they have to offer. Give them the opportunity to create their own volunteer opportunity. I am sure it will increase the organisation’s volunteer-effectiveness.

Volunteering Bay of Plenty assists organisations to respond to these trends. It promotes employer-supported volunteering, skills-based volunteering and group volunteering.

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