Vitamin C essential for skin health

By: Sue Dewes

The concept of taking Vitamin C as an oral supplement for good health, especially during winter months, is nothing new.

However Vitamin C is also essential for the health of your skin. What most people don’t know is that when taken orally, very little, if any, actually gets to the skin at all. For that reason a topically-applied Vitamin C should be a part of every person’s skincare regime every day.

Vitamin C when topically-applied is one of the most effective and powerful serums for skin health. It is taken orally because of its amazing anti-oxidant properties and that is also the case when applied topically. Anti-oxidants fight harmful free radicals in the skin that are caused by the environment, smoking, stress, some foods and alcohol. Free radicals cause havoc with the skin’s cells, leading to premature ageing, so protecting your skin cells from this damage results in a stronger, more vibrant-looking skin. Vitamin C is also essential for the formation of new collagen.

Building new collagen enables you to maintain a more youthful, smoother skin, making it essential as we get older.

This remarkable product also strengthens cell walls, providing healthier cells and therefore visibly healthier skin.

But that’s not all Vitamin C does for your skin. It also acts as a melanin inhibitor that inhibits the formation of pigmented spots forming in the skin, giving you a much clearer, even-toned appearance.

Every person should be using Vitamin C daily as it has a life in the skin of about 18 hours.

Vitamin C can be applied on virtually all skin types including mature, pigmented, acne-prone and teenage skins but I recommend a visit to your local beauty therapist for advice. 

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