Thousands to boycott NZ petrol stations

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A nationwide strike is set to take place at fuel stations throughout the country later this month.
The strike will mean no petrol station is entered on October 26.

On the strike’s Facebook event listing, organisers say the action is a way of taking a stand against the New Zealand petrol industry.
“These increases are affecting all of us, for some the impact is immediate for others longer term.
“The government and the big petrol companies both have the power to do something about this.
This event is about standing united against these unjustified increases.
”More than 5000 have confirmed their participation in the strike, and a further 8000 have expressed interest.
“Many have suggested this is not enough, but it is a start and with more than 7000 interested it will make an impact.
“If you are able to, please also consider refraining from entering a petrol station all of the weekend. But definitely no petrol on the event date.
“Suggestions have also been to boycott certain petrol companies, this can be done following on from this event, in the meantime consider looking around and purchasing petrol only from the lowest priced station in your vicinity if able, this will also help.”
“Thank-you for supporting this event, ‘the power of people united, is stronger than the people in power’
“Let's all take a stand together.”

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