Nauru govt ending Doctors Without Borders service

The Nibok refugee settlement, Nauru. - Photo: Pool / NZ Herald / Jason Oxenham

The Nauru government is ending a mental health service for refugees detained on behalf of the Australian government.

Doctors Without Borders has been operating on the island since late 2017 to treat the mental health needs of both Nauruans and refugees but they've now been told to leave immediately.

Refugee support groups have warned that the decision to expel the charity from Nauru will endanger the health of asylum seekers.

Ian Rintoul from Australia's Refugee Action Coalition said the health of refugees in Nauru will deteriorate when the doctors from Medicins sans Frontiers - or M-S-F - leave.

"It will get measurably worse and noticeably worse if the Nauru government does dispense with the services of the MSF," he said.