Graphic: Sheep mauled in urban Tauranga street

Sheep from Chloe’s neighbours who were mauled the same night as the alpaca. Images: Chloe.

Another case of animals being mauled has come forward after SunLive ran a story about an alpaca being mauled by dogs.

A resident who lives on Sunvale Place in Gate Pa, who only wants to be known as Chloe, says her neighbour’s sheep got mauled the same night as Wayne Clayton’s alpaca.

When talking to Chloe yesterday afternoon, she says there was also a cat that was attacked at the top of her road and her guess is it was probably done by the same dogs.

“The dogs have probably had a feeding frenzy. It does look like the same ones we’ve seen before and in the video footage, it looks like two pit bulls.

“I’m pretty sure that they live on Murray Street, but they could live anywhere.”

Chloe says when she rung the council about her neighbours sheep, they told her that there had also been another attack on Cook Street.

Chloe’s reasoning for saying the pit bulls live on Murray Street, is because she has a girlfriend who lives on the street and says there are always two pit bulls roaming around.

“She says that her dog goes off during the middle of the night, but she can’t even go outside to tell them to piss off because the dogs have already tried to attack the neighbour.”

“I’m going to say that it’s probably the same dogs, I mean without seeing the colour footage because the one of the alpaca was black and white.”

After reading some of the comments on the alpaca article, Chloe says she is stunned that people still think that it is a breed issue.

“It’s actually not, it’s a human issue. How do they think that the dogs learn?”

“We’ve got a purebred American Staffy, who is so well with every other animal, she just wants to play with them, she doesn’t attack them. When they attack her, she just runs away.”

Until the recent sheep attack, Chloe says that they haven’t had any issues for the past 3-4 months, but just because they haven’t been hassling her stock doesn’t mean that they haven’t been somewhere else, getting other people’s stock, like the alpaca.

Warning: The photos below could be seen as graphic by some readers.

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