A shiny Mitsubishi found in Lower Hutt stream

A red Mitsubishi Lancer was discovered in Waiwhetu Stream, Lower Hutt, on the morning of October 21. Image: Kevin Stent/Stuff.

Spring ducklings, swans and a shiny red Mitsubishi Lancer are under the willow trees in a Lower Hutt stream.

Police are seeking the registered owner of the car, which was discovered by nearby residents to be partly submerged in the Waiwhetu Stream early on Sunday morning.

Greater Wellington Regional Councillor and Waiwhetu resident Prue Lamason said she woke up this morning “and there was a bright red car in the stream.”

A neighbour “climbed in through the back door" and found the car was still running and "it reeks of alcohol.”

A police spokeswoman said staff were looking for the registered owner after being made aware of the incident at about 7.30am.

“The vehicle was located in the creek, no driver, and engine still running.”