Online voting might not be far away

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Voting in the Elections could get a lot easier, with the possibility of being able to vote online.

A draft for online voting regulations are now open for submissions, with the Government’s Online Voting Working Party kicking off its community engagement programme with two forums; one in Wellington and one in Auckland.

In an email from the Government’s Online Voting Working Party, it says the forums included presentations from the working party on the background and motivation for the proposed trail, the Local Electoral Matters Bill, draft regulations and the required security features of the online voting system.

“Much of the debate focused on the security of online voting which gave working party members the opportunity to address the concerns raised, while there is enthusiastic discussion around the potential of online voting to give members of the disability community the ability to vote privately.”

In a questions and answers with the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, she says that the Government is opened minded to continuing down the track of the trail work, although she doesn’t believe that 2020 was a plausible timeline, taking into account security issues.

A number of authorities are investigating trailing an online voting option at the 2019 local elections for all or some of their electors.

The regulations and the supporting information about the regulations and how they fit in with wider changes related to online voting at the 2019 local elections can be viewed at

Submissions must be received by 6pm on Friday November 9 2018.

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