Nerves high as NCEA exams approach

More than 46,000 students will sit the Level 1 English exam on Monday November 12. File Photo.

Students around New Zealand are preparing to sit their NCEA exams.

One student, who sits his first Level 1 exam on Monday, says he is feeling confident at this stage, but come Monday morning it could be a different story.

“I am feeling more confident about other subjects, like science, rather than English, which will be my first exam on Monday.”

“With English it could go one of two ways.”

He also says that while he has completed exams in previous years, doing NCEA exams is a big step up.

“Some exams I think will be easier than others, mainly because they will be the subjects I enjoy, whereas for other exams I will need to study more.”

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has wished students well on the eve of NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship exams.

“I want to congratulate students for all their hard work in preparing for their external exams and wish them the best for the coming weeks,” says Chris.

More than 140,000 students will participate in 120 exams this years, which begin today and continue until November 30.

“This is an important time of year for students and encouragement from whanau will assist students with focusing on exams.”

“This year, more than 46,000 students will simultaneously sit the Level 1 English exam on November 12, making it the single largest sitting day of the three and a half week exam period.”

“A huge amount of preparation goes into planning for these exams, to ensure that all 140,000 students have the very best opportunity to succeed.”

Chris says that around 8000 students are entered for digital pilot NCEA exams online.

“For the first time this year online exams will include Level 3 English, Media Studies and Classical Studies. Previously these subjects have only been available digitally at NCEA Level 1 and Level 2.”

“Every year the number of students participating in online exams grows. Taking exams online improves the relevance of assessment and better reflects how students will use their skills and knowledge,” says Chris.

Key facts of NCEA and NZ Scholarship exams:

About 1.1 million exam booklets will be handed out.

About 18,000 online exam entries will take place.

120 exam sessions will take place.

There will be 5500 exam staff.

1700 people will mark the exams.

There are 412 exam centres, including in the Cook Islands and Niue.

About 140,000 students will sit the exams.

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