Grass flush has mowing crews working long hours

A perfect combination of warm temperatures and rain has combined to produce prodigious grass growth in Wellington.

As residents with big lawns and grass berms will have learned in the past few weeks, the grass has been growing at an exhaustingly-rapid rate.

Wellington City Council’s Parks Mowing team is facing the same challenges – on a massively larger scale. The full-on growth means the team is taking longer to complete its scheduled runs than during most November and December periods.

The Council’s Mowing Team Manager, Matthew Beres, says: “Please bear with us - the team’s utilising all available resources to bring this prolonged flush under control as quickly as possible.

“We’re prioritising work programmes. We’ve had several weeks of pretty heavy and persistent rain and now we’re getting days where the temperatures are higher than normal for December. Our mowing crews are working long hours and they’ll be out over the festive season to keep the situation under control.

“We’ll be working through the Christmas-New Year period and concentrating first on play areas and our high profile lawns in the city.

“Hopefully then the rain will ease off and the temperatures will stay warm so the grass will get the message to slow down.”