Animal carcasses found in South Canterbury river

A dead pig dumped in Rocky Gully River, near Albury. - Photo: Supplied / Ely Peeti

Rotting animal carcasses have been found dumped at a popular swimming spot in South Canterbury.

Warning: the video below contains graphic footage -


Temuka resident Ely Peeti said he found seven deer heads, a boar and a sheepskin in the middle of the Rocky Gully River, near Albury last Friday.

He said he posted a video of the carcasses on social media, before pulling them out of the river.

Mr Peeti said he had an idea of who might be responsible.

"My guess is poachers. It's not genuine hunters anyway. The feedback I've had from other hunters is we're all unpleased about it and we'd like to see the culprits dealt with, really," he said.

"It's just lazy at the end of the day, I think. It's not hard to dig a hole or ask a farmer to use their offal hole."

The Canterbury Regional Council said it was not planning to take any action over the incident.

A council spokesperson said the carcasses had been removed from the river and they had not received any complaints.

Mr Peeti said he had been in touch with police and the Canterbury Regional Council.