SPCA criticised over article supporting 1080 ban

The SPCA has come under fire for saying it wants a ban on the use of 1080 poison.

In an article published on its website, the animal rights group said "humane methods" should be used to kill pests.

"We would like to see a ban on the use of poisons such as 1080, because these substances cause such intense and prolonged suffering to animals that we believe their use can never be justified," the article said.

The SPCA said it did not regard one species as being more important than another.

"We do recognise that there is a concern regarding the impact of so-called 'pest' animals. Sometimes it is necessary to capture certain animals or manage populations of species for various reasons, including biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability," it said.

It went on to advise people on what they could do to get 1080 banned.

The publicity drew criticism from environmental group Forest & Bird, with chief executive Kevin Hague saying his organisation was very disappointed.

"What it shows is they have a level of naivety around what's required to protect our native animals and birds," he said.

Mr Hague said proposed alternatives such as trapping would not work as effectively as 1080.

It is not the first time the SPCA has spoken out against the use of poison as pest control. In September, the animal welfare organisation said it was against the widespread use of toxins.

The SPCA has been approached for comment.