Shops reopen at Wellington’s Courtenay Central complex

Street view of Reading Cinemas and the shops outside Courtenay Central complex in Wellington. - Photo: Google Maps

Two stores on the outside of Wellington's Courtenay Central complex have reopened, after it closed when concerns were raised in an engineering report.

The STA Travel and Fix stores are the first stores to reopen, after the complex closed on 5 January, when a draft report from engineers showed potential risks in the building if there was an earthquake.

The newly identified risks weren't caused by the Kaikōura earthquake in December 2016 that damaged the centre's car park, its management have said.

Engineers who have assessed the Reading Cinemas building say it is the cinemas themselves that are a risk in the event of a major earthquake.

Employees approached have said they have been told not to comment.

Fix on Courtenay Place is understood to have opened on Saturday.

Shops inside the complex include Reading Cinemas, a post shop, an ANZ branch, a pharmacy, a food court and retail stores, which remain closed.

The building's car park was demolished in 2017, after it was damaged in the 7.8 magnitude Kaikōura earthquake in 2016.

It is still safe to walk on Courntenay Place directly outside the complex, Wellington City Council has said.