Waitangi Day set for showers

Waitangi celebrations may need to be moved indoors, weather reports say.

The rain is set to hit on Waitangi day as a cold front moves up across the country according to WeatherWatch.co.nz.

Farmers and gardeners will be pleased with the likely showers, given the dry spell has harmed the growth of crops.

Holiday goers and those celebrating Waitangi Day will however have to head indoors.

Head forecaster Philip Duncan says that next week humidity levels are going to rise with contact from the tropics, as well as the North of New Zealand experiencing strong easterly winds.

"We may see more east to south east winds, we may get more showers in Northland and the upper North Island's east and it may make for hotter weather in the west," says Philip.

The dry weather is set to continue after Waitangi day and WeatherWatch.co.nz advises those reliant on rain water to regularly top up crops and pastures to prevent drying out.

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