Mount restaurant blaze under police investigation

A member of the public captured the blaze in Mount Maunganui early this morning.

Police are investigating a fire that occurred at A Taste of Asia in Mount Maunganui. 

Tauranga fire safety investigator Jon Rewi says that the fire has a suspicious cause to it and may have been done deliberately.

“It looks as though the fire has started inside the building.

“It could have been a fire lit from the outside with all the rubbish bins around the area, there is no reason why someone wouldn’t have set fire to a piece of rubbish outside this building.

“There are lots of bins around this area, I do stress that business owners try and secure that type of stuff to prevent this sort of thing happening.”

The fire erupted around 2am on Thursday.

Jon believes that the police’s investigation may be ongoing for three-four days.

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