Government happy to leave Kiwis sitting in traffic

File Photo.

A direct result of this Government’s ill thought through transport decisions will see Kiwis spending more time in the car stuck in traffic than with their families, National’s Transport spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“It will be disappointing for New Zealanders sitting in congested traffic that reducing congestion is no longer a priority of their Government, which is taking the time and money of New Zealanders for granted instead.

“We now know this because NZTA’s former CE Fergus Gammie has confirmed to MPs that the current ‘Government Policy Statement doesn’t prioritise travel time savings, and that is quite a significant change’. This will be extremely disappointing for Kiwi motorists.

“New Zealanders around the country trying to get home, to work, or heading off on holiday are facing longer travel times and more time spent sitting in traffic, all as a direct result of this Government’s decisions.

“This is because the Labour-led Government doesn’t see New Zealanders stuck in traffic as an issue.

“Transport Minister Phil Twyford has stripped $5.3 billion from regional highways, which would’ve made a big difference to Kiwis travelling – saving them time and making them safer.

“This is all to fund a tram in Auckland that is not going to be completed for nearly a decade, will cause disruption on main transport routes, and further increase congestion in Auckland while it’s being built.

“Kiwis want to be confident their hard earned taxpayer money is being put to good use, like reducing congestion on roads. But it’s clear from the ideological decisions made by the current Government that its priorities lie elsewhere.”