Storms in the tropics, but dry weather continues

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There will be very little rain relief for dry parts of New Zealand this week.

“A couple of weakening fronts are expected to move over the country, but they are unlikely to bring any significant rain to places that need it,” says MetService Meteorologist Stephen Glassey. 

At this time of year, storms coming down from the tropics can sometimes be a source of rain for New Zealand. However, there isn’t any indication of that happening anytime soon.

“There are some active storms in the tropics, but they should remain well north of New Zealand this week and won’t have much impact on our weather,” says Stephen.

It is likely that at least one tropical cyclone will form in the Pacific this week. Although these cyclones aren’t expected to affect New Zealand, they are likely to bring heavy rain and gales to some of the Pacific Islands.

Metservice monitors the tropics closely and produces Tropical Cyclone Potential Bulletins that can be found here

On average, New Zealand is affected by at least one ex-tropical cyclone per year.

“Even though there is nothing heading our way soon it is likely that we will be in the firing line eventually,” says Stephen. .