Admin and clerical workers in hospitals to stop work for two hours

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Administration and clerical hospital workers will be off the job for a couple of hours tomorrow after attempts to settle collective agreements failed.

The PSA says more than 5500 of its members work in DHB admin and clerical roles and their pay and conditions have been neglected for too long.

Stop work meetings will take place tomorrow from about 11am.

A PSA national organiser, Ashok Shankar, says it is crunch time.

"So we are hoping that by having a stop work meeting and getting a plan up for industrial action endorsed by the members, it will send a clear message to the employers that they need to seriously consider making us an offer now."

Ashok says one option to consider will be whether to strike.

Meanwhile, a strike by junior doctors is to go ahead next week, after attempts to resolve a dispute with their employers failed.

And, DHB-employed midwives who are members of the union MERAS, will strike next week as well.