’Several have been killed’ - eye witnesses

An armed police officer stands outside the Christchurch Mosque on Deans Ave following the shooting. GEORGE HEARD/STUFF

A witness inside the Christchurch mosque says a man came in with an automatic rifle and shot people.

Witnesses say they heard "a bunch of shots" on Deans Ave. The road was cordoned off about 2.20pm.

Eyewitnesses reported several have been killed, though officials have not confirmed this

According to Stuff the emergency department at Christchurch Hospital had been cleared out. Hospital staff were expecting about 40 to 50 injured people.

 A roadblock has been set up at the Aldwins Rd and Linwood Ave intersection.

 About 20 armed police are clearing buildings in Linwood, across from Eastgate Mall.

 Police are warning people to stay indoors and to report any suspicious behaviour to 111.

All Christchurch schools have been put on lockdown.

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