Watch: Police Commissioner Mike Bush speaks about the Christchurch terrorist attack

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Police Commissioner Mike Bush gives the latest updates on the Christchurch mosque shootings during a multi-agency media conference.

Watch Police Commissioner Mike Bush's update here:

Mr Bush said police were not searching for anyone that is an immediate threat after yesterday's terror attack on two mosques in central Christchurch, "but that doesn't mean that doesn't exist".

He said police took 36 minutes from the time a call was received yesterday to have the offender in custody.

The man was held in police custody and transferred to the court for his hearing.

The commissioner said the top priorities for police included public safety in Christchurch and nationally; making sure the victims "get every piece of support they need to get them through this time"; that the responders involved in the events got support and that intelligence is gathered.

One offender, a 28-year-old man, has been charged with one count of murder and remanded to the High Court for 5 April, he said.

"I want to reassure the community that we have heroes that come to work every day to keep them safe," Canterbury District Commander Superintendent John Price said.

City Councillor Deon Swiggs spoke on behalf of the mayor and said the focus for the city was on victim support.

"We are working with those families and those victims to make sure they have the right support."

People wishing to lay flowers could do so outside the Botanic Garderns, he said.

A Civil Defence centre has been set up at Hagley Park to support families and police.

Deborah Strokes of Victim Support said the organisation has been working hard to put in place robust support systems that will start to be implemented from tomorrow.

Forty-nine people were killed and 42 are in hospital after the shootings at the Al Noor Mosque on Deans Ave in Riccarton and the Linwood mosque.

Dozens more police are being deployed to Christchurch and there is a heightened police presence around the country, including at mosques and community events.