Well-known entertainer sentenced to community work after assault on wife

North Shore District Court. - Photo: Google Maps

A well-known entertainer has been handed a sentence of supervision and community work for an assault on his wife in which he had her in a headlock.

The man's application for permanent name suppression was declined, however, Judge Claire Ryan granted interim suppression to give the parties involved opportunity to appeal.

The North Shore District Court was told that the man had come home intoxicated and, after an argument with his wife, he spat at her face and he said she wouldn't join him on an overseas trip.

She then hid their passports, after which he used her arms to hit himself in the face and grabbed her neck, putting her in a headlock.

The man's lawyer, Paul Wicks QC, told the court the man was remorseful and had taken numerous steps to address issues with alcohol and violence.

The man, who was on supervision at the time of the assault for drink driving, was sentenced to six months' supervision and 70 hours of community work.