Marshall Islands given mosquito nets to fight dengue

A 2011 outbreak of dengue fever in the Marshall Islands led US Navy and Marshall Islands government teams to collaborate on mosquito eradication around Majuro by spraying community areas, government buildings and homes. - Photo: Giff Johnson

The Red Cross in Marshall Islands has received hundreds of mosquito nets for distribution on Ebeye island to curb the spread of dengue fever.

The state of emergency continues in the republic with 158 cases of dengue type 3 on Ebeye in recent weeks and hospitals packed.

There is concern the mosquito borne illness may spread to the capital Majuro with two suspected cases there waiting on laboratory confirmation.

Red Cross communications manager Roger Muller said neighbouring countries were helping with supplies.

"So we received mosquito nets from the American Red Cross Society Chapter of Saipan Northern Marianas Islands and the Micronesia Red Cross," he said.

"That totals up to 900 mosquito nets that will be distributed to the most vulnerable in the community."

Volunteers from the community are working with traditional leaders on Ebeye to prevent the spread of dengue, especially to children and pregnant women, Mr Muller said.