Waqa dumped by Nauru voters

Baron Waqa - Photo: supplied

Nauru's president for the past six years, Baron Waqa, has lost his seat in parliament.

The Electoral Commission has so far published results from six of the eight electorates.

Mr Waqa was contesting the closely fought Boe electorate where the two seats went to Asterio Appi and Martin Hunt.

Mathew Batsiua, a former cabinet minister, suspended from parliament in 2014, over a clash with the Waqa government, came fourth, with Mr Waqa third.

A former president Ludwig Scotty, who won a by-election in Anabar just weeks ago, lost the seat in Saturday's poll, with the other sitting MP, Riddell Akua also being dumped.

Dr Kieren Keke, who has been in parliament since the early noughties, is also out.

Two women will represent the Yaren seat.

They are current minister Charmaine Scotty and Isabella Dageago.

There is no word yet on the two biggest electorates Ubenide and Meneng.