November kicking off much warmer for most of NZ

Sums up much of next week, with high pressure to our north-west pulling down sub-tropical and/or Australian airflows into NZ. Supplied image.

Auckland has highs in the 20s every day next week. In Hawke's Bay mid 20s all next week. In the South Island 30 degrees is possible here and there.

Next week looks much warmer weather-wise around most of New Zealand, says

"While we do have a brief cool down around Tuesday and Wednesday (especially the South Island) the general air flow will be warmer than average.

"October is often a chaotic month with November shifting more towards summer."

Highs this weekend in both islands will be in the 20s with some in the late 20s or even 30 degrees.

"Next week the same air flow continues with sub-tropical winds drifting down over the North Island and west to north west winds for the South Island (there may be some local differences but those are the general airflows).

"This set up means all of next week is warmer than average for the upper North Island. Most of next week is warmer than average for the lower North Island. The South Island has a bit more of a spring variety but more days are on the warm side despite one or two cooler days in the 7 day forecast."

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