Officials warned government against mega-polytech merger

Officials last year warned the government not to merge the 16 polytechnics into a single institute, briefing papers show. The papers show the Education Ministry advised that creating a single mega-polytechnic offered the greatest potential savings,...... Read More

When machine learning, Twitter and te reo merge

Researchers have whittled down a massive 8 million tweets, to a more manageable 1.3 million to look at how te reo Maori is being used in the genre. The team from the University of Waikato have focused on 77 Maori loanwords (te reo Maori words used...... Read More

Young people over represented in fatal crash stats

  A total of 88 young people aged 15-24 died on New Zealand roads in 2018.   Last year is being described as a tragic year, with 379 people losing their lives on our roads, up 16 per cent compared to 2016 and up nearly 30 percent overall...... Read More

One in five kids are heading to school hungry

  As back to school costs mount, families living in hardship are struggling to provide the essentials for their children.   KidsCan’s data shows that one in every five children in low-decile schools around New Zealand will head back...... Read More

Wellington students in housing struggle get temporary relief

A Wellington property developer has come to the rescue of students struggling to find short-term accommodation. The Wellington Company has decided to open up empty rooms at its Willis Street complex for those who desperately need a roof over their...... Read More