Declaration for Ambition welcomed - Shaw

Minister for Climate Change James Shaw has welcomed the ‘Declaration for Ambition’ on climate change, signed by the High Ambition Coalition group of countries. The Coalition is a group of countries, including New Zealand, who are committed...... Read More

177 tonnes of plastic no longer imported to NZ

More than 177 tonnes of virgin plastic will no longer be imported into New Zealand each year, with Countdown moving dozens of its bakery and delicatessen items to locally sourced recycled PET (rPET) packaging. Flight Plastics Ltd, which is New Zealand...... Read More

Funding round extended for erosion control

The Ministry for Primary Industries today announced an extension to the funding round for its Erosion Control Funding Programme to 13 July 2018. MPI opened the funding round for applications for ECFP funding on 7 May 2018. "We're extending...... Read More

EOL weather balloon launches

    It’s up, up and away, for the sub-orbital helium space weather balloons. The first weather balloons will be launched today as part of the global Spaceweather.com and Earth to Sky Calculus initiative run by a group of visiting...... Read More

Scientists working to predict Ruapehu’s next big lahar

Scientists say a large lahar from Mount Ruapehu is inevitable, but could it again reach Desert Road, as it did around 450 years ago? Lahars are made up of mud and debris which flow down from an active volcano. The last at Mount Ruapehu was in 2007,...... Read More

Online resource to combat litter and rubbish

Keep New Zealand Beautiful has launched an online resource, The National Litter Hub, to provide Kiwis with a central source of litter disposal, waste minimisation and recycling information for every region of New Zealand. KNZB created the resource...... Read More

Will Auckland’s underground cables cope with lava

With eyes on Hawaii’s Kīlauea volcano, a New Zealand researcher is asking how Auckland's underground water pipes and power cables would cope if lava cut over their pathway. Sophia Tsang, an EQC-funded student researcher at University of...... Read More

Tolaga Bay locals seek solution over slash damage

More than 100 Tolaga Bay locals have turned out to a meeting to discuss recent flooding and the damage caused by the leftovers from forestry operations. Slash - or offcuts from forestry harvesting - washed down from forestry plots and blocked rivers...... Read More

Majority of recalled heaters still in homes

With up to 80 per cent of faulty indoor electric heaters potentially still on the market, is the recall system in need of a major shake-up? It probably comes as no surprise that out of New Zealand's 1.5 million homes, approximately half still...... Read More

Dramatic drop in native bird numbers

There's good and bad news for stay-at-home bird spotters across the country. The latest State of New Zealand Garden Birds report has been released - and shows that while the number of some native species spotted in gardens is on the rise, there has...... Read More