The roles and benefits of online trolling

New University of Canterbury research into the behaviour of online trolls has revealed the many actors involved and a surprising number of benefits to trolling – and not just for the trolls. When University of Canterbury (UC) doctoral student...... Read More

All Dunedin residents can now access UFB

All Dunedin residents and businesses are able to connect to ultra-fast broadband (UFB) now the project to build the network’s infrastructure is complete, 19 months ahead of schedule. Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Clare Curran...... Read More

EOL weather balloon launches

    It’s up, up and away, for the sub-orbital helium space weather balloons. The first weather balloons will be launched today as part of the global and Earth to Sky Calculus initiative run by a group of visiting...... Read More

Majority of recalled heaters still in homes

With up to 80 per cent of faulty indoor electric heaters potentially still on the market, is the recall system in need of a major shake-up? It probably comes as no surprise that out of New Zealand's 1.5 million homes, approximately half still...... Read More

Free vehicle glass cover could end with new tech

The increasing cost of replacing the modern technology embedded in new car windscreens will mean many consumers will no longer receive free vehicle glass cover under their insurance policy, according to an industry expert. Jo Mason CEO of NZbrokers,...... Read More

Where will the EOL weather balloons land?

In a New Zealand first, three sub-orbital helium space weather balloons are being launched from near Tauranga from this weekend. As the balloons prepare to take flight, there’s a chance for the public to track them and guess where they land to...... Read More

Insurtech investment ramps up

The rapid rise of tech companies working in the insurance market and investment by traditional insurance firms into new advanced technologies is expected to lead to better deals for customers in coming years, InsurTechNZ chair Jason Roberts says. Customer...... Read More

Smart bins making it easier to recycle

Not only are our houses and cars getting smarter, our rubbish bins are too. Tauranga City Council installed 10 ‘smart technology’ waste and recycling bin stations in Mount Maunganui in December as part of the national ‘Litter Less...... Read More

ShadowTech wins CIO award

The TechWomen programme ShadowTech won the engaging youth in ICT gong at the annual New Zealand CIO awards in Auckland last night. The initiative run by TechWomen, part of the NZTech community, provides years 9 to 11 schoolgirls an opportunity to experience...... Read More

A chance to advertise from the edge of space

The Bay of Plenty will soon join the 'space race' and achieve a New Zealand first. In June three sub-orbital helium space weather balloons will be launched from near Tauranga and ascend to the edge of space to gather critical scientific data...... Read More