Cyclone Cook a cause for concern

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A severe weather watch is in place for parts of New Zealand from Tuesday, as one of the country's well-known meteorologists compares the incoming cyclone to one which caused slips and flooding nearly 20 years ago.

Westland, Buller, Nelson, Taranaki and the Bay of Plenty are expected to get heavy rain on Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly into Thursday, according to the MetService.

Tropical Cyclone Cook is expected to make landfall near the East Cape in the early hours of Good Friday, bringing potential flooding to the area.

Well-known meteorologist Bob McDavitt says the similarities between Cyclone Cook and Cyclone Bola in March 1988 - which caused severe flooding in the North Island and millions of dollars in damage - give him cause for concern.

Bola made loops around Vanuatu, as Cook is doing, and both were blocked by a large high lingering near New Zealand.

"Both have converging rivers of moist air - in Cook's case, this could be over the eastern Bay of Plenty on Friday," Mr McDavitt said.

"There is plenty of time for this scenario to change, but it's worth watching."

- NZ Newswire

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