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Matai Street another area for speeders

Community members are saying that the problem with reckless drivers and speedsters isn't just limited to Hamilton Drive.

A resident on Matai Street, who doesn't wish to be named, contacted the Post Newspaper shortly after the incident that occurred on Hamilton Drive last week.

He stated that a similar incident happened to his granddaughters recently, however, they were lucky and were not hit.

"They were riding their bikes around our house and onto the front lawn. They had only stopped briefly for a drink, and just as they did, a driver lost control of their vehicle and ended up on our front lawn, just where the girls had ridden their bikes only minutes beforehand. Only a week before that, someone had come around the corner too fast and hit the nearby power pole."

The resident said that the driver took off before he could take down the vehicle's details.

"These drivers just don't stick to the speed limit. They come around the sweeping corner on Matai Street just way too fast, and end up cutting it or losing control. Something needs to be done, as someone will get seriously hurt."

The Matai Street resident says he believes having a plain police car monitoring the corner could help reduce the problem.

"We all talk about what is going on, but don't do anything about it. What can be done to stop these people from speeding? It just seems nobody cares until someone gets seriously hurt."

The Post contacted Waiuku Sergeant Graeme Wood, who agreed that the speeding wasn't just a one street problem.

"People are speeding everywhere in Waiuku, not just one street. The Police enforce the speed limit, but the community needs to ask the question—who is responsible for making their vehicles go fast? The drivers are, and they need to take responsibility."

Sergeant Wood encouraged those who knew of friends, family or loved ones who sped, to speak up against it.

"Have that conversation, as what happened on Hamilton Drive can happen anywhere."



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