Labour have the lead in latest election poll

Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern on the election trail. Photo: File.

The latest political poll has Labour looking more likely to take charge after the upcoming election, with 43 per cent support, compared to National's 39 per cent.

TV One's Colmar Brunton poll results, released this evening, has National down two percentage points on the previous poll, while Labour has remained steady.

New Zealand First is up one percentage point to nine per cent, and remains in prime position to help either Labour or National across the line.

The Greens are on five per cent, sitting just on the threshold needed to return to parliament.

The Maori Party is on two per cent, so if it wins a seat it can bring somebody in off the list.

If David Seymour wins Epsom, he will be ACT's sole MP, with the party registering just 0.1 per cent of the party vote.

TOP is on one per cent.

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