Lower prison muster a priority in Corrections

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Public safety and the needs of victims will be at the heart of the Government’s efforts to reduce the prison muster, says Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis.

“I am tasking my officials with examining all options to reduce the prison muster while ensuring public safety is maintained.

“It is clear that National’s $1 billion prison build comes with a bill this country can ill afford. The price for their visionless, failed approach to law and order is a prison system bursting at the seams.

“Building prisons is a sure sign that things aren’t working, and the Labour-led Government is determined to genuinely reduce the crime rate so there will be fewer victims of crime, and fewer people going to prison.

“National failed New Zealand on this important issue while in office for nine years.

“Bill English has his own moral issues if he thinks he’s looking forward to ‘test’ the Government on building the billion dollar prison. It underlines the arrogance and moral bankruptcy of National.

“Serious crime rose rapidly during the last three years of National’s watch, and their only answer was to build more prisons. The new Government will now fix up the mess left by National’s failed policies and implement Corrections policy that turns lives around, actually reduces crime and puts public safety first.

“This Government will take a smarter approach to reducing crime and reducing the prison muster. Victims of crime must have justice and their needs respected, and it starts with this Government’s strong resolve to reducing crime in the first place,” says Kelvin Davis.

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