Mob associate given appropriate medical attention

Police were called to the domestic dispute last year.

The IPCA has found police provided a man with appropriate medical attention following an arrest in Tawa last year.

Police notes the findings of the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) regarding the arrest of a violent man in Tawa last year.

The incident occurred on May 10 2016, when a woman called 111 to report that her partner had assaulted her.

The offender, was a 36-year-old man of solid build and a Mongrel Mob associate who has convictions for violence.

A single-crewed officer arrived and told the man he was under arrest, at which point he turned to flee.

The officer deployed pepper spray, which had no effect.

The officer chased the man and on catching up with him, the man further resisted by throwing a number of punches at the officer.

A struggle ensued which required the officer to utilise a number of options to overcome the violence offered.

When all other options were not enabling the officer to effect the arrest, and the officer perceived a threat was still present, a carotid hold was used.

This enabled the arrest to be effected and removed the threat to the officer.

“Our staff regularly have to deal with aggressive members of the public and are forced to make split-second decisions under pressure to protect both themselves and the community," says Wellington District Commander Superintendent Sam Hoyle.

“In this situation the officer was by himself and faced a physical confrontation with a man who was wanted to arrest for violent offences and was physically resisting arrest.

“The officer responded based on his assessment of the threat posed to himself and others at that moment.

This was after other tactical options, including communication and OC spray, had been ineffective in de-escalating the situation.”

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