Taxpayers union clarifies figures

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Otorohanga District Council is requesting Taxpayers Union clarify figures which were released to public earlier this week.

In a media release issued on 5 December 2017 the Taxpayers’ Union pointed out Otorohanga District Council’s personnel costs per ratepayer are much higher than both the national average and the average for similar rural councils.

For the avoidance of doubt, Otorohanga District Council’s personnel costs as contained in Ratepayers’ Report are $1,737 per residential ratepayer.

The average for rural councils is $1,339 per residential ratepayer, and the national average is $1,220 per residential ratepayer.
“While the Council is one of only two councils which won’t implement an Audit and Risk Committee to scrutinise Council finances, it appears to have the time to go over the numbers of those who hold it to account,” points out the Union's spokesperson, Jordan Williams.

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