Three’s a charm for new house

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Many people in Wanaka have built their own houses from scratch, but one resident’s passion for using space has led to an unusual property in Albert Town.

Sonia Waters has designed and ordered her own house made from three completely separate six metre-square pre-fabricated huts. They were driven by lorry all the way from Christchurch and were lifted into place by a crane.

Sonia said people want conflicting things and that the house’s unique layout would provide the best of both worlds.

“As human beings, we have a tension between wanting to be together, belonging, and a desire for independence and our own space. The huts allow for both.”

The different huts were all driven down from Christchurch by lorry and each one has its own bathroom, but that’s where the similarity ends. One will serve as a kitchen and living area, another hosts the main bedroom and a studio and the last contains two more bedrooms.

The final hut was lifted into place on Monday December 18 and Sonia said that in future, the property could become a home to three families instead of just one.

“When the council catches up with the need for low density housing, they can be rented out separately. It’s about maximising the use of space. It works as a home and a business right now. It could work as three in the future.”

For now though, Sonia, her partner and her youngest daughter will be the only full time residents, with her eldest daughter joining them in-between university commitments.

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