Storm casualty awaits salvage

The casualty from last week’s storm is across the Town Reach from The Strand reclamation. Photo: Bruce Barnard.

A casualty from Friday’s storm is going to take some effort to salvage, after it was driven ashore in the high winds.

The converted fishing boat was on a mooring in the town reach opposite The Strand in Tauranga and broke free during the storm January 5.

It was part of the boat that failed, not the mooring, says Tauranga harbourmaster Peter Buell.

“The bow of the boat was damaged during the storm and subsequently, the remaining sharp edge severed the mooring line connecting it to the mooring.

“The wind then pushed it up onto the shore.”

Regional Council staff do not expect any residual oil to enter the water, but have boomed the area around the motor to be on the safe side.

“We are now working with the owner to take all the steps to get it removed,” says Peter.

The distinctive looking boat was at the Tauranga Bridge Marina for several years, before being sold and moved to Omokoroa.

It changed hands again and partly because of its low freeboard, had to be pumped out while under tow to its new location on the Town Reach.

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