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As kids head back to school this week, it is important that parents take time to check they’re up to speed with road safety.

“The summer holidays are long and that means some children might have forgotten some of the basic rules they need to follow to keep themselves safe,” says Inspector Peter McKennie, Manager of Operations for Road Policing.

“Add to that their excitement about returning to school and seeing their friends and this can mean they will be less alert to the traffic dangers around them.”

Police are asking parents to sit down with their kids before the end of the holidays and have a conversation around road safety rules.

This is particularly important if your child is going to be travelling to school on their own.

“Help them to choose the safest route to get there and do a few practise walks or bikes with them so they are familiar with the route and the safest places to cross,” says Inspector McKennie.

Other safety tips for walking or biking to school include discussing the use of crosswalks and why it’s safer to cross at some corners rather than others, the meaning of traffic signals and markings along the route, and teaching them to cooperate with police, school safety patrols and adult crossing guards.

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