Crime fighters wanted

Diane Miller Dargaville Community Surveillance project manager

Those people keen to help decrease crime in their community are being urged to volunteer their time monitoring the new CCTV cameras, which are currently being installed around Dargaville.

This is stage one of the Dargaville Community Surveillance Project — a joint initiative between the Dargaville Community Development Board and the police, and the Dargaville Business Forum.

“We have now commenced installations of the initial structure and foundation system. We are expecting this will be completed at the end of March or early April,” says constable Reuben Cohen. 

“From the police perspective we are happy to be involved in this project, and have accepted the invitation to have the cameras monitored from the police station that satisfy the security and privacy law.

“Successful applicants will be vetted and inducted into the police station in order to volunteer.”

Constable Cohen says a similar project in Kaitaia has had favourable results. 

“They have seen a marked decrease in the levels of street disorder, theft and general crime. An added benefit to Kaitaia was an increased sense of public safety.”

The cameras will stream their footage to six 40 inch screens at the Dargaville Police station, which will be monitored 24/7. Each screen has the potential to be divided into 16 sections.

Dargaville Community Surveillance project manager Diane Miller says: “The community have been proactive in acknowledging their support for this project.”

To register your interest contact DCDB or phone 027 525 8222

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