Ex-scout leader case adjourned

Former Papamoa scout leader Graham Morine in 2011. File photo.

A former Papamoa scout group guilty of indecent assault and sexual violation has had his case put off until the end of the month.

Graham William Morine, 76, pleaded guilty to four representative charges at Tauranga District court at the end of last year, on December 11.

The charges include indecent assault and sexual violation by unlawful sexual conviction and relate to an incident in 2012 when two young children, whose sex can't legally be identified, were staying his house in Whakamarama for the weekend. One of the children had previously stayed there.

A court summary of facts reveals that Morine turned off the light when he tucked the children into their bedroom for night.

"I don't like it when the light is turned off," the child who'd previously stayed at Morine's house said.

When asked why, the child responded "You'll see".

Suddenly the sound of banging on the walls and scratching at the door began to echo throughout the room.

The children, terrified at the noise, could hear the defendant walking around the hallway and they called out in fear.

Morine responded by suggesting they sleep in his room. He was wearing only boxer shorts and no shirt.

When they were in his bed Morine began touching one of them before performing oral sex on the child.

The children discussed the scoutmaster's behaviour the next morning at breakfast, but never spoke about it again.

The abuse would continue for years, whenever the children would stay with Morine.

Morine was originally set to appear in court on December 7, but did not show up and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He cited health reasons as his rationale but Crown prosecutor Anna Pollett says Morine often uses his health as an excuse.

On the same day the warrant was issued he was the subject of an armed offender's squad callout where he was detained and taken to hospital for treatment.

Morine was due to appear in court today, but the case has now been rescheduled until February 28.

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